Scary basements are a staple of horror movies, but which horror movie basements are the scariest?

We have some very old homes here in the Berkshires which I bet we could find some really creepy basements.

A company called the Ohio Basement Authority came up with a formula to rate the "Basement Evil Score" of various movies. There is not a scientific reason they just factored in movies IMBD ratings plus how much crazy, scary and spooky and gorry, from "a little torture" to "a lot of death." in each basement.

Here are the horror movies with the evilest basements.

Counting down to the number one slot.

14. "The Exorcist" coming in at number 14, when this movie was first released, when you went to the theater to see it they would hand out barf bags.

13. "Misery" This was on TV this past weekend, always a creepy watch.

12. "A Quiet Place"

11 "Parasite"

10. "The Grudge"

9. "The Rock Horror Picture Show" funny and morbid at the same time

8. "The Evil Dead"

7. "Stranger Things"

6. "The Amityville Horror" The original makes your skin crawl.

5. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Yes, that was Johnny Depp dying in the waterbed.

4. "Psycho" A classic that will make you think twice about taking a shower

And the top three are...

3. "The Evil" not a whole lot of people remember this one.

2. "Get Out"

1. "Silence of the Lambs" Buffalo Bill Creeeeeepy!


Scariest Basements and Crawl Spaces in Movies & TV

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