Put yourself in this frame of mind, Massachusetts friends and neighbors. Picture yourself driving around in your car on a nice day. Radio's cranking. Your car windows are down. You stop at a traffic light and all of a sudden--you smell McDonald's french fries!

I mean, you're overcome by the smell of those delicious golden potato sticks. What would you do? If you're anything like me, you'd be finding the nearest McDonald's--immediately!

I know next to nothing about advertising, but I do not see how that marketing gimmick could fail. Could you? Think of how many times you were at the movies thinking you didn't need anything to munch on and without fail, the scent of somebody else's popcorn sent you right to the concession stand to throw your money down.

Marketing to your nose is a great idea, right? GUESS WHAT? Right now, the Golden Arches is debuting SCENTED BILLBOARDS!! Unfortunately, for now, anyway, it's only happening in the Netherlands. Hopefully, they will bring the concept to America soon.

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Yes, it's happening right now. According to PR Newswire, McDonald's Netherlands has placed a series of red and yellow billboards in certain locations (near McDonald's locations of course!) to test them out.

The billboards are just plain all-red or all-yellow billboards. Nothing else on them. Not even the iconic McDonald's logo, believe it or not! But as you get closer to them, you begin to notice the smell of McDonald's French Fries coming at you from within the billboard.

Isn't that a genius marketing concept? Actual smells piped in and vented out of the billboards. McDonald's representatives asked passers-by what they noticed and most of them said they smelled french fries.

No word yet if this is just a publicity stunt or a soft opening for what could become a worldwide thing. I'm just giving you a heads-up. So keep your eyes open (or your nostrils open) and remember that you heard it here first! For more, visit PR Newswire's website here!

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