Now that a school budget is finally in place, Pittsfield Public Schools will begin recalling staff given non-renewal notices.

According to a story reported on by, last week Superintendent Jason McCandless told the School Committee that there will be recalls of some of the 140 nonrenewal notices sent out prior to the passage of the budget.

McCandless stated, "We will let them know their jobs are back and we look forward to having them with us."

McCandless went on to say, "We still don't know what our Chapter 70 numbers are going to be and I don't feel at this point that we have anybody really willing to go on the record and say there aren't going to be cuts. We released more notices than we can actually afford to be without to be able to run school in person in the fall."

There is much more to the story. For more details, check out and we thank them for the update.

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