Residents of the Commonwealth now have a much easier way to report businesses who are not properly following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

According to a news report from WWLP/News 22, The Baker Administration unveiled a new online portal through the state’s website that links you directly to your local health department and the Department of Labor Standards.

That way, you can report a business that is not compliant with the workplace safety guidelines. Whether it's by not enforcing the wearing of facemasks or by not making sure social distancing guidelines are being followed properly.

According to the state’s website, the Department of Labor Standards will contact you within three days if officials open an investigation into the business. If DLS finds a violation they’ll make sure Covid-19 safety protocols are enforced.

According to Governor Baker, this new online portal is a way to promote accountability as the state continues it's re-opening phase.

Head to WWLP's website for much more on the story.

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