City boards and commissions provide an opportunity for service to North Adams residents who are willing to volunteer their time and to help recommend, manage, and make decisions regarding city programs, services, and developments.

Boards and commissions serve a public purpose to inform city goals and objectives, bylaws and/or ordinances, and to represent the concerns and perspectives of the community.

Diverse representation on boards and commissions also provides community insight to the mayor and City Council, thereby helping shape the future of the community and quality of life in North Adams.

Most boards and commissions advise the Mayor and the City Council, while a few (such as the Planning Board) have greater authority based on state law.


Board and commission members are appointed by the Mayor, and some are subject to confirmation by the City Council.

You can find information about qualifications, roles and responsibilities, and vacancies for various boards below or using the links on this page. We encourage interested applicants to review meeting agendas, minutes, and attend a meeting. When you are ready to volunteer for a North Adams board or commission, please submit an application using this link. Please keep the following points in mind:

You can volunteer to serve on any board or commission even if there currently is no vacancy on that group In order to serve on a city board or commission you must be a resident of the City of North Adams Please note, upon submitting your application is considered a public record Applying does not guarantee an appointment
If you have any additional questions, please call the Mayor's Office at (413) 662-3000.


Board/Commission name Seats Term Vacancies
Airport Commission 5 3 -
Board of Assessors 3 3 -
Board of Health 3 3 -
Board of License Commissioners 3 6 -
Board of Registrars of Voters 3 3 -
Cemetery Commission 5 3 -
Commission on Disabilities 7 3 -
Community & Economic Development Advisory Board (CEDAB)
Conservation Commission 7 3 1
Council on Aging 11 5 1
Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire (CCNB) 2 3 -
Fair Housing Commission
Historical Commission 7 3 -
Hoosac Water Quality District Board of Commissioners 2 3 -
Human Services Commission 7 3 1
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Working Group no limit ad hoc na
Library Board of Trustees 7 3 -
Mass MoCA Commission 9 3 1
Mobile Home Rent Control Board 5 5 -
North Adams Contributory Retirement Board 2 2 -
North Adams Housing Authority 5 5 1
North Adams Local Historic District Study Group 5 na -
Parks and Recreation Commission 7 5 1
Planning Board 9 5 1
Public Arts Commission 7 5 1
Redevelopment Authority 5 5 2
Traffic Commission 7 3 2
Tree Commission 8 3 8
Windsor Lake Recreation Commission 5 3 1
Youth Commission 15 3 15
Zoning Board of Appeals 5/2 3 1

The City Clerk serves as a member of the Board of Registrars of Voters, coterminous with their appointment as Clerk, The North Adams Housing Authority Board and the Redevelopment Authority each include one member appointed by the governor
The Traffic Commission includes one City Councilor appointed by the Council

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