Sex Offender Arrested in California

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January 20, 2020

During the late months of 2019 the Adams Police Department’s patrol officers and Sexual Assault Unit conducted a compliance check of a registered sex offender living here in the Town of Adams. It was determined that Stephen Mathews was not in compliance with the Sex Offender Registry Board and a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to register as a sex offender due to an inaccurate address.

30-year-old Stephen Matthews is accused of incidents that took place in Adams between July 9th, 2015, and March 8th, 2017.

It was determined that the Mathews had fled the area and may have left the state. The Sexual Assault Unit in corroboration with the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office quickly determined that Mathews had been arrested in the state of California for shoplifting. While incarcerated in California, a grand jury had indicted him on an additional sexual assault charge from an open investigation.

Quick work was done here in Massachusetts to ensure that the male party would be extradited back to Massachusetts before being released from incarceration in California

Mathews arrived last week in Massachusetts after a lengthy transport by U.S Marshals and other state and federal agencies. He is currently being held at the Berkshire County House of Corrections and is pending arraignments.

This was an excellent job done by the Adams Police Department and the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office.

-Adams Police Department

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