Volunteer firefighters from the Warren County town of Sheffield traveled to the Crawford County town of Meadville today to help search for a missing woman from the town.

Sheffield firefighters made their way to Meadville today to aid in the search...

According to a post on the Sheffield Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page and the Scanning Warren County Facebook group, firefighters from Station 72 packed up their equipment and made their way to Meadville today to aid in the search for 34-year-old Candace Caffas.


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Candace Caffas is described as being about 4 foot 9 inches tall, weighing about 95 pounds. She is also described as having dirty blonde hair and green eyes, according to the Facebook post. She was last seen wearing glasses, a purple t-shirt, orange shorts, and purple and blue sneakers. According to the post, Caffas was last seen on July 16 on PA-285 in Conneaut Lake.


Scanning Warren County Facebook Group
Scanning Warren County Facebook Group

(Above: 34-year-old Candace Caffas of Meadville, PA has been missing since July 16th.)


Don't call out for her, call 911...

Authorities say that if you happen to see Caffas, please don't call out for her. Instead, they say to immediately call 911 and continue watching her from a distance if possible. Local authorities in Meadville are also asking volunteers to help in the search. Volunteers were to meet at 9:00 AM today at the Vernon Central Fire station on McMath Avenue in Meadville for a briefing by the Pennsylvania State Police.


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