Kudos to the Pittsfield Police Department for taking quick action and getting more drugs off the streets. What was called in was there was a shoplifter at Cumberland Farms Early Saturday morning, The one on 1st street, But the shoplifting incident turned out to be something much more than that.

During the interaction with the male subject, it was learned he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Upon hearing this, the male subject took off running. With the quick action of Officer's Coffey and Conklin, the foot pursuit did not last long.

In the course of apprehending the male subject, officers observed him throw his belly bag, which was later recovered by the officers. The bag contained 700 individual bags of a powdered substance believed to be heroin.

Also inside the bag was approximately 56 grams of crack and powdered cocaine, a scale, and bags commonly used for drug distribution.

The subject is currently is being held on bail and is scheduled for arraignment in Berkshire District Court this Monday, March 8th.

Some residents of Pittsfield say they should not be open 24/7, the reason being criminal activities in and around Cumberland farms on first street at night and that the Pittsfield Police Department are called there quite often.

Should Their hours be restricted as every other business in Pittsfield is held responsible for the activities in their parking lot. Do you think Cumby's closing earlier would help in criminal activities in that area of Pittsfield, or that it would still continue?

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