An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts

The Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts (House bill H.1194 and Senate bill S.683) will guarantee equitable health care access for every resident of the Commonwealth through a single-payer health care financing system.

All residents will be guaranteed access, without regard to financial or employment status, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, previous health problems, or geographic location.

The Act will provide access to health care services that is continuous, without the current need for repeated re-enrollments or changes when employers choose new plans and residents change jobs. Coverage shall be comprehensive and affordable, with no co-insurance, co-payments or deductibles. is reporting that, State Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, 1st Hampshire District, sees the potential for the Bay State to follow the Canadian province's groundbreaking example in 1962 of being the first to provide single-payer health care to its citizens.

Sabadosa spoke to more than three dozen people gathered at the Tavern on the A on Thursday night. She said:

Health-care costs are rising by 3 percent every year ... we know we're in an untenable situation where health care costs keep rising, where people are paying more and more every year, We need to really come up with something bold and dramatic that isn't based on corporate insurance.
To read about the bills that are being put forth for medicare for all just click on this link.

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