Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday? I think everyone who is going to watch the big game would say a resounding YES!

And it looks like the head of human Resources probably has your back or they're just sick of you rolling in late still smelling like beer, or booze and the after effects of eating chili.

According to a new survey, 72% of HR managers think the Monday after the big game SHOULD be a paid holiday.

They got a list of six different events, and had to choose which one should get a holiday.  72% said the day after the Super Bowl.  The second most popular choice was the day after the NBA finals with just 5% of the vote.

2% said the day after the Oscars

2% said the day after the World Cup

2% said the day after the Stanley Cup Finals

Just 1% said the day after the last game of the World Series.

17% said NONE of those days should be a holiday.

32% of us have shown up late the day after a major sporting event.

27% have called in sick.  And on average, we waste 27 minutes a day on sports-related activities in the LEAD-UP to a major sporting event.


By the way, another new survey found on PRRI just found that football is still BY FAR America's favorite sport to watch.  38% said football, followed by baseball at 12% . . . basketball, 10% . . . soccer, 9% . . . hockey, 5% . . . and auto racing, 5%.


Tons of people came out to send off the Patriots.

Video courtesy of WBZ channel 4 Boston CBS

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