On June 5, 2020, Six Flags in Oklahoma City will reopen with limited capacity. Although Six Flags New England has not yet given a date for its reopening, they did outline some new guidelines for park visits during the pandemic.

According to Western Mass News/WFSB, when the amusement park does open its doors, there will be new screening processes for visitors to go through before they can ride their favorite rides. Also, at least during the initial reopening, you will have to make reservations online first and then pick a day you want your family to go.

And as for reopening the water park, which is the favorite of many visitors during the hot summer months, that is still undetermined. Under Governor Baker's reopening plan, amusement parks are to be determined in phase three or four. However, Six Flags New England wants to reopen only when it is safe to do so. Here's a brief video on new safety measures at Six Flags Amusement Parks:

There is plenty more information on the new safety guidelines, including health screenings for members and guests, sanitization and disinfecting protocols, sanitized food prep and service, and much, much more on Six Flags New England's website here. Thanks to Western Mass News/WFSB for bringing us the story.

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