Here's something which right now is a little different, but I'm sure will become more commonplace under the new normal.

The company SolarFi is announcing a new partnership with Pittsfield to bring multi-use Privé Pods to the city.

Here's the Official Press Release From Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.:

The City of Pittsfield has announced a partnership with local businesses, Berkshire Bank, Downtown Pittsfield, Inc., and the nonprofit green energy company, SolarFi, to bring SolarFi’s Privé pods to the community.

Beginning Thursday, October 1, SolarFi will be installing six of its premium Privé pods throughout the downtown Pittsfield area, to showcase their versatility and limitless uses.

The Privé pods range in size, from 6 feet by 4 feet to 8 feet by 8 feet, and they accommodate anywhere from two to ten people. Park Square and Hotel on North will each house three pods which are anticipated to be available for public use after 4 pm on Thursday, October 1.

The Park Square Privé pods will feature graphic panels curated by the Berkshire Museum featuring a collection of historical images of Pittsfield. The public is invited to explore the Privé pods at the park this weekend.

The Privé pods at Hotel on North will be used for additional outdoor seating for their restaurant, Eat on North, giving diners the option to enjoy meals privately and safely. Eat on North will be open 5 to 10 pm this week through Saturday, October 3. The Hotel on North Privé pods will also feature special graphic panels curated by the Berkshire Museum.

Privé pods provide a space for people to spend time outside, socialize, and dine, all within a socially distant and safe environment. The pods use solar power to provide users with lighting, air conditioning and heat, device charging stations, and Bluetooth-powered speakers. Privé offers a VIP experience, without compromising safety, technology or comfort.

Here's a sample picture of a Privé Pod's interior:


SolarFi is a Northeast-based nonprofit organization, and all pods are made in New York. SolarFi’s collaboration with Pittsfield is a special opportunity to experience the intersection of technology, green energy, and socially distanced commerce.

SolarFi is built on revolutionizing commerce, development and energy, allowing for entrepreneurship, efficiency and sustainability. For more information, visit

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