A conservative group known as the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is asking Governor Charlie Baker to lift the state's outdoor mask-wearing mandate. Some health experts and other advocates are saying the same.

According to a report from WHDH/7 News Boston, Dr. Paul Sax said he felt it was pointless to wear a mask while walking his dog alone at 6 a.m. Sax is the Clinical Director of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Sax went on to say:

I would argue it is time and I'd argue that for a few reasons. We know that transmission of the virus really takes place, almost overwhelmingly, inside. Second, when people are outside, a lot of the times they're outside on their own or with family members.

Dr. Sax also said, however, that indoor mask mandates need to stay for the time being.

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Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance issued a statement to Gov. Baker arguing that most of the state's vulnerable residents have been inoculated against COVID-19 and anyone who is 16 or older who lives, works, or studies in the Commonwealth is now eligible to receive a vaccine.

The group, which advocates for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in state government, noted that the governor of New Hampshire dropped the state's outdoor mask mandate last week, but did encourage residents to continue social distancing and wear masks if they cannot.

No comment yet from Baker's office, although, as of last week, Baker said he had no immediate plans to drop the mandate.

Dr. Sax concluded by saying, "Given what we understand about the science from virus transmission, I think it's okay if we drop the outdoor mask mandate and focus on where it really counts which is indoors."

Check out the complete story at WHDH's website here.

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