When I think of mac and cheese, for some reason I think of colder weather.  Honestly, I was not one of the kids who wanted to eat mac and cheese I was more of the spaghettio's type, I do think everyone knows the Kraft name For their mac and cheese and all the different flavors of mac and cheese they have tried out throughout the years.

Today is National Macaroni and Cheese Day, and Kraft is celebrating by introducing a macaroni-and-cheese-flavored Ice Cream. It's a collaboration with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream out of Brooklyn.

instagram/Van Leeuwen's
instagram/Van Leeuwen's

It's a limited edition thing. If you're interested, it is available online on Van Leeuwen's website and at their shops across the country while supplies last.

It is a little on the expensive side, A pint will set you back $12.

So my question to you is, would you want to try some? would like to get your hands on this cheesy, creamy concoction?. Today.com has been running a poll, and last we checked, 48% said a big no but 43% said yes and 9% have not made their mind up about it.

Eater.com was sent an early taste, and they claim it's "very good," and "nothing short of magical." They also say the inspiration is evident, and the flavor is similar, but the texture is different, thank goodness there's no cheesy smell.

I leave this asking you what was the strangest flavor of ice cream have you have ever tried?

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