Starbucks Offers Free Coffee to Frontline Workers All Month

Any customer who identifies as a front-line responder to the COVID-19 outbreak will receive a free tall brewed hot or iced coffee all month.  It is Starbucks way to reignite the movement of gratitude to those putting their own health at risk.

Starbucks VP of Social Global Impact Virginia Tenpenny told the USA Today “Our hope with this is to reignite the movement of gratitude and to show those on the front line how much they are appreciated. For us, we believe that one way we can do this is by offering a free cup of coffee.”

The frontline worker list consists of active-duty military, mental health workers, doctors, nurses, public health workers, hospital staff ...janitors, housekeeping or security, firefighters, paramedics, police officers, pharmacists, dispatchers, dentists and dental hygienists.

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A number of companies offered free food and drinks to frontline workers the beginning months of the pandemic.  Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin were among some of the larger groups offering a “thank you” in the form of the products they are known for.

With another surge of COVID-19 cases spreading throughout western Mass and the country, all of us need to continue to wear a mask and social distance to protect each other from the virus and help reduce the risk to those on the frontline daily.

Starbucks locations in the Berkshires...

Stand Alone Store at 555 Hubbard Ave in Pittsfield

Inside Target at 655 Cheshire Road in Lanesborough

Inside Price Chopper 555 Hubbard Ave in Pittsfield

Inside Price Chopper at 214 Northside Drive in Bennington

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