State Police will be out in force over the long holiday weekend trying to keeping the roads safe.  Patrols will be beefed up with additional patrols throughout the state.  Sobriety checkpoints will also be deployed tonight and again of Saturday night.

Police are urging everyone to make responsible decisions over the holidays.  We probably don't have to tell you not to drink and drive, so we wont.  Police suggest that you designate a sober driver if you are going out...wear your seatbelt, put the cell phone down and obey the traffic laws.  It the best way to reduce the chance to see blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror.


This was posted on the Mass State Police Facebook page earlier today...


The Massachusetts State Police Division of Field Services will deploy additional patrols across the state tonight in anticipation of holiday eve social gatherings that present opportunities for alcohol consumption and increased traffic volume. Extra patrols will complement regular barracks patrols in each of the five regional Troops. Additionally, MSP will deploy sobriety checkpoints tonight in Troop A (northeastern Massachusetts) and Troop C (central Massachusetts). Additional patrols will be deployed Friday and Saturday evenings as well. The Massachusetts State Police urge all motorists to make responsible decisions over the holiday weekend by designating sober drivers, wearing seatbelts and following all other traffic laws.

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