This is not a story about a new version of a popular video game, the story is real and it happened up and down the Berkshires.  An Adams woman is accused of stealing not one but four cars in a day.  According to  Chandra Bourelle was charged with boosting four cars over the course of one day, last Friday.

Police arrested Bourelle as she began her day allegedly trying to steal a car from a convenience store parking lot. She was booked but posted bail and was released.

About an hour after she posted bail, she allegedly stole a Toyota Highlander that was idling in the parking lot of another convenience store.  That car was found at Cranwell in Lenox, where a Lexus was reported stolen.

That’s not all.  A new BMW was stolen from the posh Seven Hills Inn where police found the Lexus in the Inn’s parking lot.

Later that night around 10pm Cheshire Police spotted the BMW traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour.  Bourelle lost control of the car near Duke's Sand & Gravel where she almost hit a flatbed wrecker that was just coming back from returning the Highlander she stole earlier in the day back to Adams. Bourelle will be arraigned on four counts of larceny of a motor vehicle.

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