This past Friday, Governor Baker gave the go-ahead to start the second step of Phase 2 in Massachusetts' four-phase reopening plan.

The following businesses can reopen today(unless, as with many restaurants, they're normally closed on Mondays, in which case they'll reopen tomorrow):

  • Indoor Dining
  • Personal Care - including nail salons, indoor tanning, personal training, massage therapies and more
  • Retail fitting rooms, by appointment only
  • Offices may increase to 50% capacity, but working from home when possible is still encouraged

All of these businesses must comply with general safety standards and sector-specific guidelines which can be found here.

What will indoor dining look like? 

  • All tables must be positioned to maintain at least a six-foot distance from all other tables and high foot traffic areas.
  • No party seated at a table can exceed 6 people.
  • Restaurants may not seat any customers at the bar.
  • All customers must be seated, eat-in service to standing customers (e.g. around bar areas) is prohibited.
  • Face coverings will be required for all customers at all times, except when seated at tables. Face coverings must be worn whenever one must get up from their table.
  • Condiments and similar products will not be pre-set at tables, but will only be available upon request by the customer.
  • Menus may not be reused and will be available to view digitally, or single-use paper menus can be provided
  • Tables will not be pre-set to reduce the opportunity for exposure, all silverware and utensils will be rolled.

We're getting back to normal, folks. Slowly(and safely) but surely.



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