People in the Berkshires who are used to depending on the bus service to get back and forth to work now are worried about losing their jobs because they can't get to work because of the strike. The latest offer for a new paratransit driver’s contract has been rejected. So, the paratransit strike continues into its eleventh day today.

Paratransit Management of the Berkshires, which is the operating company managing the BRTA paratransit service was informed yesterday that the most recent offer for a new paratransit service labor agreement was rejected by the union representing the employees, Teamsters Local 404.

The alternative proposal would have provided for annual January 1st wage increases in addition to the July 1st increases that were included in the previously rejected proposal.

The latest proposal also included the previously offered additional paid days off and other allowances. BRTA executive director, Robert Malnati says that both of the rejected proposals remain available for acceptance.

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