If you're a parent that has a child or children(or, like in my case, a grandchild) that is undergoing remote learning due to the pandemic, then you know that it hasn't been easy a lot of the time. Well, get ready for more challenges down the line.

According to iBerkshires.com, Pittsfield School Superintendent Jason McCandless recently told the School Committee that even though 3,000 kids have been provided with laptops from the schools, there are still many families that don't even have an internet connection.

McCandless said, "We need to find a way to cross that digital bridge that has some students connected and with equipment and other students isolated."

McCandless then went on to say that the school district is working with several groups to find a way to bridge the gap, but for right now is relying on workbooks as an interim measure.

He also stressed that the district will continue to strengthen better remote-learning practices because it is unsure how long students will have to depend on it. Even if students are able to return to school in the fall, there is a real possibility that a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic could cause the schools to close again.

McCandless stated that even if that is not the case, they want to be better prepared if they have to rely on remote learning again in the future.

There is much more to the story including dates on upcoming remote learning workshops for parents who are essentially acting as teachers for their children. Just head to iBerkshires.com for the complete story.

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