Additional Cases of Covid-19 Reported in Berkshire County
According to an article in the Berkshire Eagle, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported three new cases of Covid-19 on Monday in Berkshire County.  Across Massachusetts the Memorial Day report added an additional 596 confirmed cases state-wide...
Traffic Fatalities Up While Driving is Down
According to the MassDOT, there was a spike in traffic fatalities in April over the previous year while there were 50% fewer cars on the road.  The troubling statistic released by the DOT put the number of deaths on the road this past April at 28…one more than in April of 2019...
Mass Testing Up…Cases Expected to Peak in Two Weeks
Experts are warning that the worst is yet to come.  The latest models are predicting that Massachusetts could see up to 172,000 coronavirus cases when the surge hits the state between April 10th and the 20th.
As of yesterday, there were just over 12,500 Mass residents that tested positive. …
COVID Case Rise, Two Deaths Now In Berkshire County

So first of all Scott, my husband was tested for COVID-19 we found out the other day that he tested Negative, but has a bad upper respiratory infection which I am very thankful for and also thank you to our wonderful listeners who reached out on Facebook to me you are so appreciated!

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