Top Reasons ‘Fans’ Attend Super Bowl Parties
Americans say the food is officially more important than the game when it comes to reasons for attending a Super Bowl party.
All the delicious food that is your spread for the Super Bowl Party, they are the number one reason folks show up not just the game...
Can Money Buy Happiness?
We say "money can't buy happiness." But I would love to give it a try! I, like so many others, are also willing to give it a shot, I even bought Mega Millions and Powerball tickets yesterday. Nothing like being able to pay all your bills, get a brand new car, send your kids to college…
Marry For Love Or Money?
Whoa, are we getting cynical and honest?
According to a new, uplifting study, the majority of Americans admit that they'd rather marry someone for money over love.
A little over half of the people say that marrying someone who, quote, "provides financial security" is more import…