Sun to Start the Weekend…Rain to Finish
It felt like spring finally arrived this week with a few beautiful back-to-back warm days in the Berkshires. Combine that with the Red Sox winning 4 straight games, more sun and warm weather in the forecast, flowers blooming and buds on the trees getting ready to turn the Berkshires green...
Signs that Spring is on the Way
This week we will begin to feel as if Spring is getting closer as the temperatures in the Berkshires rise to into the 40’s tomorrow…the 50’s on Wednesday and the 60’s on Thursday. Of course, no one in New England thinks it’s time…
Things We're Stocking Up On For The"Toughest Winter Ever"
This year hasn't exactly been easy and no one's expecting it to get any easier over the next two-and-a-half months. I mean already in stores there are shortages in paper products again, it is kinda hit or miss when you go out in a hunt for the highly sought after toilet paper creature.