Hey Berkshire County friends and neighbors, here's a question: When it comes to summer grilling, what's your favorite go-to? Steak? Steak tips? Chicken? Burgers? Dogs? Sausage patties? Veggie Kebobs? Any and/or all of the above?

One of my favorites is something my soulmate Tonya came up with. She puts individual ears of corn in aluminum foil, tosses in some light cream, butter, and salt, and lets them cook slowly on the grill. Man oh man, that is some delicious corn! My mouth is watering just typing those words...

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Recently, the betting experts at BetMassachusetts.com conducted a study looking into what was the most popular cookout meal in all 50 states. They came up with the results by looking at the most searched cookout meal in every state according to Google Trends.

The cookout food that captured the most states overall was...any guesses? Ribs! That's right, delicious ribs were the most searched cookout food in 19 states, but interestingly, not one single state in New England was a part of those 19.

Next, for second place, a tie: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs each took 10 states, but not one of them was Massachusetts. However, New England stood by their beloved hot dogs with Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island making appearances on that list.

Here we go. The 4th most popular cookout food in the country was #1 in the Bay State. Are you ready? WINGS! Whether they are BBQ, Buffalo, Teriyaki, or whatever, wings were the most popular cookout food search in 6 states including Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Finally, Grilled Chicken was the most popular choice in 5 states including Vermont. It's a very cool ranking of summer cookout foods. Check it out for yourself. Just visit BetMassachusetts's website here. Happy Grilling!

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