There are “People's Choice” awards for everything under the sun from movies to beef jerky and everything in between. The award presentation I’ve been anticipating is the “2021 Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup People Choice” results.

I have attended the Cannabis Cub in Amsterdam a number of times well over a decade ago.  At the time Amsterdam was the only place in the world you could walk into a coffee shop order a gram of sticky bud or hash and sit and enjoy your coffee as you have never enjoyed your coffee before.  Unlike dispensaries in the States, you can actually sit and enjoy your weed where you just bought it, and yes with coffee and other baked goods if you get the munchies.  Each coffee shop has its own unique character and style.  From the hipster shop to the coffee shop the head-bangers would frequent, there’s something for everyone.

The radio station I was working at in Providence would put a bunch of listeners on a plane and head to Amsterdam every year.  I made 5 of those excursions. We would broadcast live from a number of different coffee shops during the trip.  The Cannabis Cup was something special to attend.  The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is the Super Bowl of the cannabis industry.  For a weed grower being awarded the Cannabis Cup trophy was like being handed the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Now that one of mother nature’s finest plants is totally legal in 18 states and growing (pun intended), the Cannabis Cup has gone global with major events in the United States. Like everything in the last two years, the pandemic has had an effect on the bigger weed-type conventions and competitions.  High Times was able to navigate the pandemic masterfully by taking the People's Choice concept to each individual legal state in the country, including Massachusetts.  It was a brilliant way to highlight and market all types of marijuana grown or marijuana products produced solely here in the state while at the same time rebranding the Cannabis Cup in America and regionally.

Usually, up to 35 expert judges would determine the Cannabis Cup rankings.  For the first time this year, High Times opened up the judging process to members of the public offering for purchase through Massachusetts dispensaries 224 kits per category.  These kits would include a sample of the finest product from each Massachusetts entry.  If you purchased the Sativa flower kit you would get samples of only Sativa bud.  Vape-only vape products… editable kit only edibles, and so on.

Well, wait no longer…the winners of the 2021 Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice were announced on Sunday.  Congratulations to Berkshire Roots, Insa, Fernway, and Pioneer Valley Cannabis Company for representing western Mass with awards in the "2021 Massachusetts Cannabis Cup People's Choice Awards."  See the complete results from High Times below.

Indica Flower – 1st Place – Bountiful Farms with the Strain “Secret Formula”...2nd Place – Northeast Alternatives with the Strain “Northeast Alternatives”...3rd Place – Rhythm with the Strain “Brownie Scout”

Sativa Flower – 1st Place – Happy Valley with the Strain “Super Lemon Haze”... 2nd Place – Bountiful Farms with the Strain “Pina Grande”...3rd Place – Berkshire Roots with the Strain “Orange Chemeleon”

Hybrid Flower – 1st Place – Happy Valley with the Strain “White Wedding”...2nd Place – Northeast Alternatives with the Strain “Ice Cream Man”...3rd Place – Nature’s Heritage with the Strain “Crescendo”

Pre-Rolls – 1st Place – Nova Farms with the Strain “Southie Sundaze Infused Blunt”... 2nd Place – Yamna with the Strain “Tropicanna Cookies Cannagar”...3rd Place – Triple M with the Strain “Triple Monster Infused Pre-Roll”

Concentrates – 1st Place – Rhythm with the Strain “Energize Durban Live Resin Sugar”... 2nd Place – Bountiful Farms with the Strain “Garlic Juice Live Rosin”...3rd Place – Nova Farms X Southie Adams with the Strain “GMO Live Hash Rosin”

Sativa Vape – 1st Place – Insa with the Strain “Clementine Sativa Vape”... 2nd Place – Pioneer Valley with the Strain “Mango Super Silver Haze Sativa Vape”...3rd Place – Fernway with the Strain “Red Headed Stranger Sativa Vape”

Indica Vape – 1st Place – Church with the Strain “Watermelon Zkittlez Indica Vape”... 2nd Place – HAVN Extracts with the Strain “Hindu Kush Solventless Terpene Indica Vape”...3rd Place – Rove with the Strain “Skywalker Indica Vape”

Edibles: Gummies - 1st Place – HAVN Extracts with the Strain “Lemon Sour Amnesia Gummies”... 2nd Place – Happy Valley with the Strain “Strawberry Margarita Gummies”...3rd Place – Marmas with the Strain “Blue Raspberry Gummies”

Edibles: Fruity Non-Gummies – 1st Place – Hi Burst with the Strain “Raspberry lemonade Fruit Chews”... 2nd Place – Forbidden Fruit with the Strain “Dried Mango THC Slices”...3rd Place – Berkshire Roots with the Strain “White Peach Roots Fruits Pate de Fruit”

Topicals & Tinctures – 1st Place – Treeworks with the Strain “Daily Drops Sunrise Punch”... 2nd Place – Happy Valley with the Strain “Remedy Tincture”...3rd Place – Sira Naturals with the Strain “Nordic Goddess Body Balm”

(This article is not selling or promoting the sale of any products listed in this post)

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