Time to check in and see how Leon the pet Lobster is doing, And see if he is still a pet.

I have to ask, Did you check out what has been going on with Leon the Lobster? If not we are going to fill you in.

I was surprised that It’s not uncommon for people to keep lobsters as pets. In fact, lobsters are a highly intelligent and interesting species and can make for hours of entertainment.

Brady Brandwood did his own experiment, which is still ongoing as he videos Leon the pet Lobster. It all started with buying a lobster from the local supermarket and doing a video on what it takes to have a lobster as a pet.

At one point there was talk of looking for a new owner for Leon, but that did not work out.

This guy also made his above-ground swimming pool into a koi pond. Not to mention lately Brady added to his menagerie two cats and some killifish that Leon the pet lobster was not happy with that, at first they were put into the tank with Leon, but then moved into their own tank.


Grocery store lobsters tend to be either soft shells or hard shells, the shell isn't dictated by the breed, it is just a stage of the natural molting process of a lobster. Kinda Like soft shell crabs who are losing their old shell to grow bigger.

Brady Brandwood/Youtube

You can see Leon going through the process of losing his old shell to get bigger in the video above done on youtube by Brady Brandwood.

Brady keeps you up to date on Leon and lucky for Leon it does not seem that we will see Leon in a steam pot anytime in the near future. Leon will keep living the life of one spoiled Lobster.


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