In a post to the Pittsfield City Hall Facebook page, the town announced that Netflix will be launching new episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” with the “Berkshires UFO”  as part of the first volume of six episodes, which will be released on July 1st. The second volume of episodes will be released at a later date.” The UFO sighting dates back to September 1969 in Sheffield.

There was a reported close-encounter by the Reed family after crossing the Sheffield covered Bridge in their car on September 1st in 1969. Thom Redd, a young boy at the time, has often discussed the encounter that also involved his brother, mother and grandmother. According to Reed, once they crossed the bridge, they saw a bright light reflect off the water of the Housatonic River. From there he said they were transported mysteriously from their car to what he described as a building similar to that of an airplane hanger, where he was separated from his family only to suddenly find themselves back together in the car.

Although the Reeds' were alone in reporting an actual close-encounter, dozens of listeners reported a saucer-like object and strange lights in the sky that night to our sister station WSBS in Great Barrington.

The Great Barrington Historical Society decades later voted 6 to 3 to recognize the encounter as “Historically significant and true.”

The Berkshire Athenaeum was a major source of information for the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode and the Local History Department at the Athenaeum was used for some of the show’s filming.

Below is the post from the Pittsfield City Hall Facebook page…

“According to the show’s producer, this episode was partially filmed last year in various parts of the Local History Department at the Athenaeum. The library also helped to supply some history and information on an unidentified flying object sighting and encounter that occurred in September of 1969 in Sheffield, Mass, said Harris, of the incident that the Great Barrington Historical Society recognizes as “historically significant and true.”

“In that incident, it is reported that Thom Reed, his brother, mother and grandmother were mysteriously taken from their car by a UFO,” Harris said.

Netflix, a subscription streaming service, will be launching six episodes in July and six episodes in October.

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