Delicious food! Great music! Drive-in movies! The Big E Bakery! The Sam Adams Beer Garden! Fun rides and games! A brand-new, more than 150 feet tall, Ferris wheel! What's all this mean? Yes, the rumors are true, one of the top ten fairs in North America and the largest one on the East Coast, the one and only Big E will return this fall at full capacity!

WWLP/22 News reports that after the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined the annual fair last fall, the Big E is coming back in a big, big way. This year, the fair will run from September 17 through October 3.

On Tuesday, President and CEO of The Eastern States Exposition, Eugene Cassidy was happy to make the announcement that the Big E is officially happening:

The best part for me today is to be able to realize that we can bring the economy back with the opening of The Big E and that's powerful. So many people depend on us for their living.

Additionally, the Big E announced that new foods would be introduced this year as well as some new rides. Organizers said that they will be following Massachusetts COVID-19 guidelines and that proper sanitation methods would be utilized. Those who are vaccinated are not required to wear a mask while everyone else is encouraged to do so.

During a good year, more than 1.5 million people visit the Big E. In 2019 however, the fair set a record when 1,629,527 people attended. The event generates 85% of the Eastern State Exposition’s gross revenue each year. That's approximately $21 million.

The 17-day event already has rock-rapper Machine Gun Kelly and country superstar Brad Paisley booked. Also, the Big E Circus will make its return under a new 2,700- person tent.

For more information, check out WWLP's website here.

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