Well, my week started out with my husband Scott asking what movie we wanted to watch together, he said "Look I recorded Footloose for you" I then asked him if was the original, and he replied with "I didn't know there were two of them". I honestly did not like the remake of that movie so it was a no on my part. Then I get home last night and Scott was watching Red Dawn, another movie they should have not messed with.

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So I started to compile a list of movies that were remade and if the new ones were better than the original. You can post on Facebook what you think too!

Movies remade:

West Side Story,
colorful but nothing great.

Cruella, I have to say I did like this one.
The Guilty, the who?

A star is Born, pick a remake. They have done a remake on the movie how many times?

Pet Sematary, I am going with the first one is still better.

An American Werewolf in London, First One is the best.

Dirty Dancing, no one puts baby in the corner, and no one should even have tried to remake that movie.

Escape from New York, Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken, that's a no on that remake.

These movies have not been released yet, do you think they will hold up against their original movie?

Romancing the Stone
The remake of the 1984 adventure comedy.

An immigrant rises to the top of the criminal underworld in the United States. Be interesting to see who they have as Al Pacinos Tony Montanya

Weird Science, guys who will take the place of Kelly leBrock?

Another Swayze movie they shouldn't do is "Road House", which is being produced to stream on Amazon Prime. The original came out in 1989 and starred Patrick Swayze as a bouncer, this one will star Jake Gyllenhaal.
If you know of a movie that is being redone are you want to share your thoughts just write it below or on the WUPE FM Facebook page.

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