Apple just released its list of the most downloaded iPhone apps of 2019.  And the biggest surprise is that there are still this many people who didn't already have things like YouTube and Google Maps.

Here are the 10 apps that got the most downloads this year.

1.  YouTube.

2.  Instagram.

3.  Snapchat.

4.  TikTok.  This is the biggest jump on the list it was 16th in 2018.

5.  Facebook Messenger.

6.  Gmail.

7.  Netflix.

8.  Facebook.

9.  Google Maps.

10.  Amazon.

And the top ten for your Android Phones from Android Authority

1. 1Weather
2. Bouncer

3. Google Drive

4. Waze and Google Maps

5. Google Assistant

6. Google Play Music and YouTube

7. LastPass Password Manager

8. Nova Launcher

9. Podcast Addict

10. Pulse SMS or Android Messages


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