If you live in New England, you're already well aware of some great cities and towns that you have around you. It's one of the main reasons why the region is always so popular in terms of vacation destinations. As we're in the midst of Fall, perhaps you're wanting to plan your next great road trip, or even one during next Spring. As there are several of those specific destinations, there happen to be several great downtown areas throughout Massachusetts to take note of.

The Bay State tends to get several of its unique small towns named to certain nationally published lists, such as 'Best Small Towns in New England', or some sort of variation of that. Often times, there are towns from the Berkshires on the western side of the state that get picked for those, and they definitely deserve the recognition. But what about the cities and towns around the rest of Massachusetts that have some of the best downtowns? And why are they named as such?

While I am definitely not the person that made this list, it did get me thinking about what I look for in a good downtown area. The downtowns that have a nice walkable area with unique shops, restaurants, and maybe a bar and/or venue to enjoy some nightlife are typically what I enjoy. It just so happens that this list has plenty of that and more.

It's also understood that it's not always the downtown area that can make any given town or city unique. There's always alternative spots in the surrounding communities that give off a great local vibe. That being said, 'World Atlas' decided to make its own list of the best downtowns in the state of Massachusetts. Let's take a look at the cities they picked out for having the best downtowns in the Bay State...

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