FYI, The average American has 20 apps installed on their phone.  If you could only have one what would it be?

A new survey found the top 10 apps we say we can't live without.  And they are:

1.  Facebook, 21%.

2.  Instagram, 11%.

3.  Gmail, 8%.

4.  YouTube, 8%.

5.  Snapchat, 6%.

6.  Facebook Messenger, 6%.

7.  Twitter, 6%.

8.  Google Maps, 6%.

9.  Google, 5%.

10.  Amazon, 4%.

Even though Facebook is number one by a big margin it's not as big a margin as it used to be.

Two years ago, 26% of people said Facebook was indispensable now that's down to 21%.

And for people under 25, Facebook is only the FOURTH most important app, behind Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

The survey also found the apps that are the biggest, quote, "time robbers" on our phone.

49% said social media and chat apps
42% said the web browser
36% said email
and only 26% said games.