Say what you will about summer, love it or hate it, you have to admit that it's the one season when the entire country opens its doors to a staggering number of outdoor events whether it's garden shows, sporting spectacles, food festivals, weekend-long music marathons, etc.

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Get our free mobile app recently conducted a survey. The topic? America's favorite family-friendly summer events. And guess what? Two long-standing and very popular Massachusetts festivals ranked in the top 21, including one event ranking at #7!

The team at surveyed 3,000 families and asked them which summer event they would most likely attend this summer. Then, they compiled all the data and recently published the results for all to see.

I think the fact that, out of all the summer events across the country, the Commonwealth landed in the top 21 TWICE is pretty awesome! Here we go. According to, here are the Top 10 for 2023's America's Favorite Summer Events:

  1. Aloha Festivals - Hawaii
  2. NYC's Summer Streets - New York
  3. Sunflower Festival - Virginia
  4. New Orleans Shakespeare Festival - Louisiana
  5. New York State Fair - New York
  6. Okinawan Festival - Hawaii
  7. Boston Seafood Festival - Massachusetts
  8. Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival - Nevada
  9. California State Fair - California
  10. Duke's Oceanfest - Hawaii

Let me tell you, I've actually attended the Boston Seafood Festival and it's a BLAST--and I'm not even a seafood fan! Another popular Massachusetts summer event just missed the top 20, coming in at #21, the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival.

Now I've never had the pleasure of attending that one but I can tell you that sand sculpting is only part of the fun. There's also tons of live music and plenty of terrific food vendors, as well.

It might be too late to book THIS summer's family vacation, but you can always start planning next summer's getaway right now. Visit's website here, take a look at all the summer event rankings, and who knows? You may find the perfect event for your family that you never knew existed!

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