I recently paid my quarterly tax bill. I will spare you the death and taxes joke, but yes, you got to pay. Sales tax. Excise tax. Property tax. It's endless, but not without some sort of return, of course.

For the purpose of this post, though, we'll talk property tax rates. You know, the little extra you pay in your mortgage each month, or maybe your property is paid off and you get the quarterly bill.

Well, there are two areas within the commonwealth that have towns with low tax rates. Western Massachusetts and the Cape and Islands.

I did a post recently revealing that Longmeadow, MA is town with the highest tax rate. Massachusetts communities that pay the highest effective property tax rates are Longmeadow ($24.64 per $1,000), Wendell ($23.24/$1,000) and Greenfield ($22.32/$1,000). 

What about the lowest?

This Massachusetts Town Has The Lowest Tax Rate



Where the heck is Chilmark? I had to look it up myself, haha. Chilmark is on Martha's Vineyard.

Here are the top 5 towns with the lowest tax rates in Massachusetts.

The number on the right reflects the dollar amount for every thousand the property is worth.

This post is about Massachusetts' lowest tax rate which doesn't necessarily equate to the lowest tax bill. The combination of your city or town's tax rate and your home's actual value will determine what you pay. Some of you reading this might have just exclaimed, "Yeah, no kidding".

Information courtesy of lammachiarealty.com

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