The town of Great Barrington implemented a ban on selling bottled water at supermarkets and convenience stores, but one community will receive single-use plastic water bottles free of charge due to a constant discoloration problem in their H-2-O that comes out of the tap.

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The village of Housatonic has experienced this problem due to warmer temperatures that released high levels of manganese. The Housatonic Water Works Company is in the process of testing a filtration system to remedy this ongoing problem, but until then they will NOT subject residents to drinking water that can be summed up in one word: GROSS. I should know because I reside in Housatonic and have had to deal with this frustrating situation.  

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Local merchants have been notified of the last-minute change as they will be permitted to sell single-use plastic water bottles of any size until notified otherwise. This is the start of a true change although no official timetable has yet to be announced, plans are in the works as residents can now breath a sigh of relief after they were searching for solutions regarding the water issue.


If you have any further questions on this matter, please call Great Barrington Town Hall during regular business hours at (413) 528-1619 and they will be glad to provide more detailed information on this proposed plan which is being implemented as a safety measure for ALL Housatonic residents and businesses.

BOTTOM LINE: Your voice WILL be heard and if you show concern to better the community, immediate results will be implemented. This will take time, but now there is a band aid to heal the wounds that have been visible for years. I salute my neighbors for NOT giving up in finding a solution to this cause. In one word: "BRAVO"!

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