So it started out as a run for governor run Former state Sen. Ben Downing, a Democrat who represented Berkshire County for a decade, but now he will not seek his party’s nomination for that.

Downing, 40, launched his campaign back in February and he was the first Democrat to enter the race.

Downing was calling for greater urgency from elected leaders, he centered policy plans to address climate change, poverty, transportation, child care, and racial inequalities.

It seems that funding raising was a big part of the challenge for the person running for the big seat.

He said,

“We showed that you don’t have to choose Eastern Massachusetts or Western Massachusetts, South Coast communities or border communities in the Merrimack Valley,” he said. “There’s a way state government can act with urgency and empathy, meet needs and do so in a way that reflects that the solution in East Boston is going to be different from the solution in Becket.”

So what is his next step now? Downing has not decided whether to endorse another candidate in the race, and he is taking some time to reflect on his next steps, he said. Smitty Pignatelli said he believes the eventual winner of the governor’s race “would be wise to look at a Ben Downing” for a cabinet position such as secretary of energy and environmental affairs.

Downing’s top priority is to “find a way to serve” in some capacity.

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