Here are some good news stories from this past week.

Warehouse stores are making it easier for front line workers to shop.  Sam's Club introduced "Hero Shopping Hours"  BJ's Wholesale has special hours too, and Costco is letting them skip the line.

A guy in Kenya who says he was inspired by Mother Teresa has helped feed over 24,000 families in the last few weeks.

Some kids don't have the internet at home.  So a school district in Austin, Texas is using more than 100 internet-equipped school busses as Wi-Fi hot spots.

The British World War Two vet who's been walking for charity has now raised over $20 million.  His goal was to walk across his back patio 100 times by his 100th birthday.  And he finished yesterday, two weeks early.  Now hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition for him to be knighted by the Queen of England.

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