Are you getting excited, Red Sox fans? I know I am. Coming up in just a matter of days, the BoSox take on the Baltimore Orioles for the opening game at Fenway Park!

And, because we're under new guidelines with Step 1, Phase 4, Fenway will be allowing Sox fans back into the park. AWESOME!

Now, again, it's only 12% capacity, but it's better than nothing. And 12% means about 4,500 fans, so that's pretty good. I'll take it.

Watching baseball on television is certainly fine, but to me, nothing beats actually attending a ballgame. Especially at storied Fenway Park. Seeing the Green Monster in person just brings it all home to me.

Another cool thing is that Fenway Park will still serve as a COVID vaccination site during the season.

Being a NAVY brat, I grew up all over the country. I've been at home games for the San Diego Padres, the Philadelphia Phillies, EVEN the New York Yankees--it was against the BoSox....Red Sox won, by the way. All I can say is the best place to see a game in my opinion is at Fenway.

Remember, if you can't make it to a game or you can't make it to a TV, you can always catch Red Sox Action on our sister stations New Country WNAW 94.7 and AM1420 WBEC.

Here's a brief rundown on upcoming games for the Red Sox starting with Thursday's season opener:

Thursday, April 1: Red Sox Home Opener vs. Baltimore Orioles    2:10 PM

Saturday, April 3: Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles    1:10 PM

Sunday, April 4: Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles    1:10 PM

Monday, April 5: Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays    7:10 PM

Tuesday, April 6: Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays    7:10 PM

Wednesday, April 7: Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays 1:10 PM

Thursday, April 8: Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Home Opener    3:05 PM

Saturday, April 10: Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles    7:05 PM

Sunday, April 11: Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles    1:05 PM

Keep in mind, all dates and times for games are subject to change.

For more on the schedule for the Red Sox, to purchase tickets, or Red Sox info and news in general, hit up their website here.

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