With the Nor’easter underway in the Berkshires, losing power is a possibility with wind gusts expected hit 35mph.  Falling trees and heavy snow accumulating on powerlines can cause interruptions in power to your home.

There are many things you can do in preparation for a storm but when one is already underway it is advisable to make sure your cell phone is charging in case of power outage.  Your WIFI would not work in that case but you may still be able to receiver a cell signal.  If so you can report your outage using this Eversource link.  This Eversource link will show you their reported power outage map.

Below are some additional tips published by ready.gov to help reduce the impact of a power loss during a storm.

-Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed.  The refrigerator will keep food cold for about four hours.  A freezer will keep the temperature for about 48 hours.  The more the doors are open the lower the temperature value.  Food can be placed in a cooler and put outside in winter months if necessary.

-Avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Never use a generator, camp stove or charcoal gill inside your home.  Gas stovetops and gas ovens should never be used as a heat source.

-Check on neighbors, seniors and young children.

-Turn of and disconnect equipment and electronics.  A power surge when power is restored can cause issues.

-Go to a community center if heat or cold becomes too extreme.  While in a pandemic make sure to bring a mask and sanitizer.  Also do not forget to pack any medications needed for at least 3 days.

-Following the outage throw away food that has been exposed to temps 40 degrees or more for more that two hours.  Color and odor will be a clear signal to toss it.  When n doubt, throw it out.

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TIPS: Here's how you can prepare for power outages