Today is National Popcorn Day! So did you eat it at home a lot last year, or is it just a movie theater food? I have to say Popcorn is one of my all times favorites to snack on when watching a movie or tv show.

A new poll from the Popcorn Board found movie theater popcorn is our favorite type, with almost twice as many votes as second place. Here are more quick stats from the survey.

When asked which components respondents felt were absolutely essential for the perfect movie night, chocolate (37%) and cozy blankets (46%) were key contenders.

The winner of the award for most popular movie night “must,” however, was popcorn (51%).

Key  Components Of A Perfect Movie Night
1. Popcorn (51%)
2. Cozy blankets (46%)
3. Chocolate (37%)
4. Hot cocoa (34%)
5. Lots of pillows (30%)

Our five favorite popcorn flavors are butter, salted, white cheddar, regular cheddar, and my all-time favorite, my go-to popcorn kettle corn.

Salt is our favorite topping, but some other options got votes too: Our five favorite things to sprinkle on are salt, garlic salt or garlic powder Mmmmm another of my favs, parmesan, taco seasoning and oregano.

Even with theaters closed, we watched a lot of movies last year. 60% of people said they watch more films in 2020 than any other year in their life.

72 Point U.S./Youtube

Comedies and action movies tied for the top genre we've watched during COVID.

After watching so many films last year, 6 in 10 Americans now consider themselves to be "movie buffs."

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