All this week Whoopee is celebrating National Pizza Month.  Whoopee is featuring a different Pizza Place of the Day each day this week, offering listeners to email the station at that day’s Pizza Place of the Day for a free pie.

Today Whoopee is featuring Berkshire Mountain Bakery Pizza Café in the Elm Street Plaza in Pittsfield.  Today they are featuring a white pizza with mozzarella, spinach, garlic, butternut squash, smoked gouda, bacon and parmesan cheese!

Today’s winner of a free pizza is Marianne Lavigne.   Marianne's name was randomly drawn from all of today’s entries.

Tomorrow we’ll feature another Pizza Place of the Day.

For a little history lesson…according to the Wikipedia pizza was brought to the United States by immigrants of Italian heritage late in the nineteenth century.  It is documented that the first pizzeria in the U.S. was Lombardi’s in New York city in 1905.  I am happy to report that Lombardi’s is still open to this day.

World War II Veterans returning from the war were introduced to the Italian cuisine overseas and help spread the word and helped developed pizza’s popularity state-side.

The development of pizza dates back to the 6th century BC by Persian soldiers who would bake flatbreads with cheese on the top of their battle shields.  It was the Greeks according to Wikipedia that took the flatbread to another level by adding oils, herbs and cheese.  The Italians then took the concept to a higher level adding additional ingredients to what evolved into the modern pizza we are familiar with today.

With all this talk of pizza I know were I am headed… Berkshire Mountain Bakery Pizza Café in the Elm Street Plaza in Pittsfield in celebration of Whoopee’s Pizza Place of the Day!

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