With the pandemic now seemingly under control bands are looking forward to hitting the stage once again and music lovers are ready to dish out hard earned cash to see them live in person. Last year was a devastating year for many.  Although it is hard to feel sorry for the filthy rich rock star living the good life, the padlock placed on the gates and doors of music venues hurt tens of thousands of roadies, sound guys, ticket-takers, concession workers, parking attendants, security people and everyone else working those venues and the businesses that surround them.  The shows once again are booked, tickets are on sale and the tour buses are gassed up and ready to roll.

Some of the highlighted shows a Whoopee listener would dig this summer include;

The Black Crowes performing on July 25th in Hartford and on September 14th at SPAC in Saratoga Springs.  The Robinson brothers, Chris and Rich, who grew up great friends made beautiful music together in the 90s had major falling out.  It was so bad the two bros never spoke, or even met each other’s kids until they were grown.  The invisible scars between the Chris and Rich have healed and they will be playing and singing together again as the Black Crowes have rescheduled all of their postponed dates from last year.  It will be a special and hit-driven show as they will perform the entire “Shake Your Money Maker” album from start to finish.  The album was the Crowes debut released in early 1990 and it put them on the map with hits like Hard to Handle, She Talks to Angels, Jealous Again and Twice As Hard.  Click this link for tickets to the Hartford show.  Click this link for ticket to the Saratoga Springs show.

Vegoose Music Festival - Day One
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If you’re looking for a rockin’ night in Boston, there are a couple of concerts at Fenway Park that might be the perfect concert-going experience.  If you like your rock with an edge, Guns N’ Roses will be on the stage in front of the Green Monster on Tuesday night August 3rd.  As Axl’s tour bus heads out Billy Joel’s tour bus pulls in as Billy and his band will be on the Fenway stage the next night Wednesday, August 4th.  Both the Guns and Joel dates are rescheduled dates cancelled last year.  A number of shows booked at Fenway have now been moved to 2022.  Those shows include two nights of Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett…a Lady Gaga date and the Aerosmith 50th Anniversary Show.  Click this link for Fenway Park tickets.

Guns N' Roses And Korn Perform In Townsville
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Billy Joel In Concert - New York, NY
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WUPE CONCERT CALENDAR                                Updated 06/10/21

Sunday         07/18/21      Chicago                           SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Sunday         07/25/21      Black Crowes                    Xfinity Theater – Hartford CT

Tuesday        08/03/21      Guns N’ Roses                  Fenway Park – Boston MA

Wednesday   09/04/21      Billy Joel                          Fenway Park – Boston MA

Saturday       08/14/21      Jimmie Buffett                  Xfinity Center – Mansfield MA

Sunday         08/15/21      Daryl Hall & John Oates     SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Sunday         08/22/21      Kiss (rescheduled date)     Xfinity Theatre – Hartford CT

Monday        08/23/21      King Crimson                    SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Tuesday        08/24/21      James Taylor                    SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Friday           08/27/21      Dead & Company              SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Saturday       08/28/21      Lynyrd Skynyrd                SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Saturday       08/28/21      Alanis Morissette               Xfinity Theatre – Hartford CT

Sunday         09/05/21      Alanis Morissette               SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Sunday         09/05/21      Dead & Company              Xfinity Theatre – Hartford CT

Sunday         09/12/21      Outlaw Festival (Willie)      SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Monday        09/13/21      Maroon 5                         SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Tuesday        09/14/21      Black Crowes                    SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Friday           09/17/21      Dave Matthews Band         SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Saturday       09/18/21      Dave Matthews Band         SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Tuesday        09/28/21      Jonas Brothers                 SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY

Wednesday   09/29/21      Jonas Brothers                 Xfinity Theatre – Hartford CT

Saturday       11/20/21      Jon Jett & the Blackhearts  Palace Theater – Albany NY

Sunday         10/03/21      Zac Brown Band                SPAC - Saratoga Springs NY


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