The Adams Board of Selectman reached out to find an interim police chief to replace Richard Tarsa, who's retiring. And they found Indiana.

According to iBerkshires com, out of a field of five candidates who interviewed for the position, Troy Bacon was the one chosen. Bacon has been serving as chief of police in Frankfort, Indiana, for the past eight years.

The Adams Board of Selectman conducted about seven hours of interviews to get through all five candidates last week.

The choice of Troy Bacon was unanimous and his appointment to Police Chief was endorsed by all board members.

Selectman James Bush had this to say regarding Bacon, "I felt when talking to him he'd make an excellent fit for the town of Adams. He has no personal connections so there will be no favoritism. The whole interview process he was very outgoing.... From what I heard he will be a very good fit for us."

According to his resume, Bacon is experienced with SWAT units, gang task forces, criminal investigations plus many other aspects of police work.

There is also some speculation that Bacon could be retained at the end of the 6 month interim period.

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