With the official announcement of presidential candidates hitting the national news, Massachusetts residents are already starting to think about the upcoming 2024 election.

Massachusetts has a longstanding place in the history and politics of the country. Our nation was founded here and Massachusetts has continued to be a force in the political landscape of the country. Massachusetts is the historical home to the nation's first schools, first post office, the site of the first published newspaper, and yes, hosted the first elections in our country's history.

Given that rich history, it's no surprise that Massachusetts is one of the most politically active states in the country. According to World Population Review, almost 80% of eligible voters participated in elections over the past decade. That ranks Massachusetts just outside that top ten with the 14th-highest voter participation in the U.S.

The most recent Presidential election that took place in 2020 was one of the most tense and anticipated elections in our national history and the voters showed up. According to information provided by Secretary of State Bill Galvin, in that historic presidential election, Massachusetts saw a 76% turnout the highest turnout the state has seen since 1992.

So we know as a whole that Massachusetts has a high voter turnout, but which cities and towns have the highest?

These Five Massachusetts Cities and Towns Have the Highest Voter Turnout

In the most recent 2020 presidential elections, the town of Harvard, Massachusetts had the highest voter turnout in the state with a 90.98% rate. They were followed by Westhampton with 90.83%,  Mount Washington with 90.78%, Medfield with 90.50%, and rounding out the top five was Dover with 90.09% voter turnout.

We've covered the best, but how about the worst?

This Massachusetts City Had the Lowest Voter Turnout in the State

Despite being the third-largest municipality in Massachusetts, Springfield had a dismal voter turnout with just 52.67% hitting the polls.


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