You would think being a commercial truck driver that you would know your tractor-trailer is tall and would not fit under a train trestle especially when there is signage.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, at approximately 10:13 AM, Bennington Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash located on Vermont Route 7A or Harwood Hill.

This was for a report of a tractor-trailer that had struck the train trestle bridge at the bottom of Harwood Hill. Vermont Agency of Transportation and Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles-Law Enforcement Division was also called to the scene.

The tractor-trailer was traveling south on Route 7A when it struck the train trestle. The tractor-trailer continued under the bridge, partially removing the roof of the trailer and severely compromising the integrity of the trailer. The tractor-trailer was rented by INZL-Trans LCC out of Ocean, NJ, and was hauling beverages.

A representative from the Agency of Transportation responded to the scene to inspect the bridge. An Inspector from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles-Law Enforcement Division placed the operator Out of Service for commercial motor vehicle violations. The trailer will be towed from the scene once the product was offloaded to another trailer.

The operator was identified to be Michael Moore, 23, of Lehigh-Acres, FL. He informed the investigator that he was following his GPS.

This is the second time this month this train trestle has been stuck. The last incident occurred on April 12, 2021. That makes it the second truck in only five days to hit the trestle.

This crash is still under investigation and anyone with information should contact Officer Murawski at 802-442-1030.

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