Three men were arrested on Monday, April 18, at a TD Bank for an incident of alleged identity fraud. I wonder, is the food better in prison? It seems some people will do almost anything to get arrested nowadays.

First off, let me explain the minor difference between identity fraud and identity theft because a lot of people confuse the two, including myself. Identity theft is the act of stealing private, personal, or financial information, while identity fraud would be the act of using that information for nefarious reasons. As I said, a minor difference but an important one.

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According to 22 News/Springfield, a person allegedly tried using a fake ID at a TD Bank in Ludlow on Monday afternoon. Three men were subsequently arrested by the Ludlow Police Department.

22 News reports that according to Police Chief Daniel Valadas, officers were called to the scene of the TD Bank on Center Street at approximately 4:38 p.m. Apparently, a man impersonating someone else was trying to use a fake New York State ID to obtain bank account information.

Two suspects believed to be involved in the incident, 49-year-old Carlos L. Ortiz of Queens, New York, and 20-year-old Marquel Malik Jackson of Bronx, were arrested. The third suspect, 25-year-old Cashwayne Jeromy Hutchinson of Lindenhurst, New York, will be summonsed to court.

All three suspects were charged with Identity Fraud, while Jackson has also been charged with Failure to Stop for Police. For more on the story, please visit WWLP/22 News' website here.

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