Frontline workers, grocery store employees, bus drivers, teachers, restaurant servers are all front and center dealing with the public and the possible exposure to Covid-19.  With cases on the rise in Massachusetts and in Berkshire Country, two area restaurants are temporarily shutting down because of possible expose to staff by patrons.

The Olde Heritage in Lenox was notified that two different customers tested positive for Covd-19.  The restaurant made the following statement on their Facebook page…

In the past 2 days, 2 customers have called to inform us that they have tested positive for COVID-19 the day after they ate at the restaurant. The staff that had come in contact with these customers have been quarantining since we received the call and sent for testing. Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to close down for Thursday and Friday to deep clean the entire restaurant and wait for all of our staff test results to come back.

We ask for everyone to please follow the rules and guidelines put in place by Governor Baker. If we all follow the state rules, we will all get out of this sooner. If you are not feeling well or are waiting for test results stay home in quarantine. We do not want anyone to risk the health, safety, and lively hood of the people of our community. The best way to support local businesses and the Berkshire County community is by following all regulations, wearing your mask, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. Thank you all for your support and we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!

The Olde Heritage is not alone.  The Methuselah Bar & Lounge in downtown Pittsfield also recently announced temporarily closure due to exposure to Covid-19.

With cases on the rise this week Governor Baker announced additional guidelines to help reduce the spread that go into effect tonight at midnight…

The new guidelines referred to as “Targeted Interventions” go into effect at 12:01 Friday November 6th

  • Department of Public Health has issued a stay at home advisory from 10pm to 5am.
  • An executive order has been signed that requires indoor recreational facilities, theaters, casinos, and any entertainment type venue to close at 9:30PM.
  • Restaurants need to close table service at 9:30 but carryout service can continue until closing.
  • Liquor sales at restaurants, package stores, convenient and grocery stores must cease at 9:30pm
  • Gathering order limits the number of people gathering in private homes to 10 people and 25 people for outdoor gatherings. These gathering also must end by 9:30.
  • A new face covering order has been signed. Everyone over the age of 5 must wear a face covering in public no matter if you are social distancing or not.
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