Well, it was not me or you or anyone here in Western Mass. A man from Attleboro and an eighth grader from Reading are the third pair of winners in our state's VaxMillions giveaway.

According to Governor Charlie Baker’s office, Leo Costinos of Attleboro was announced the winner of this week’s $1 million prize Thursday. he is a controller at a financial firm and plans to use the money for his children’s college plans.

Lilla Eliet of Reading won this week’s $300,000 college scholarship. She’s entering the eighth grade at Coolidge Middle School in Reading. Baker’s office said she’s interested in science and technology and hopes to have a career in medicine.

The state drew the third winners of the vaccine lottery on Monday. Each week for five weeks, one fully vaccinated adult will win $1 million and one fully vaccinated student under 18 will win a $300,000 college scholarship.

Two more pairs of winners will be announced in the next two weeks. Fully vaccinated residents have until the end of the day Thursday to register for those final two drawings. The giveaway was created to get more people in the state vaccinated. As of Thursday, more than 4.4 million Massachusetts residents are now fully vaccinated.

Registration Requirements
You can register for a chance to win the VaxMillions Giveaway if you:

Received 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines OR 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at any time before or during the promotion period
Received your full vaccination in Massachusetts OR if a veteran, at a VA hospital OR at a VA clinic
Are a Massachusetts resident
Are age 12 or older

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