State officials have released new information in regards to coronavirus cases in the Bay State.

According to a story reported on by Western Mass News, the Mass. Department of Public Health said that as of Monday, February 15, there were 530,735 confirmed cases in the Bay State. That marks an increase of 1,480 cases since Sunday.

There were also 62,852 new people tested by molecular test reported since Sunday, with a total of 15,011,405 molecular tests administered.

There are 1,107 patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19. The average age of patients currently hospitalized is 72-years-old.

Of those total cases, 15,208 deaths are now being attributed to COVID-19.  That's an increase of 32 newly reported confirmed deaths since Sunday.
In western Massachusetts, there are a total of 1,178 medical/surgical beds with 937 that are occupied. The ICU units have a total of 153 beds and 88 of them are occupied.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases:

  • New Cases: 1,480
  • Total Cases: 530,735
  • Estimated Active Cases: 45,833
  • New Deaths: 32
  • Total Deaths: 15,208

Probable COVID-19 Cases:

  • New Cases: 93
  • Total Cases: 28,615
  • New Deaths: 4
  • Total Deaths: 309
Berkshire County:
  • New Confirmed Cases: 8
  • Total Confirmed Cases: 4,738
  • New Deaths: 0
  • Total Confirmed and Probable Deaths: 242

COVID-19 Cases in Long-Term Care Facilities:

  • Residents/Healthcare workers with probable or confirmed COVID-19: 34,391
  • Facilities reporting at least one probable or confirmed case of COVID-19: 422
  • Probable or confirmed COVID-19 deaths: 8,382

To check out the Mass. Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard where you can find out more statistics and a further breakdown on all the numbers, go here.

And you can also check out the initial story for more information. Just visit Western Mass News' website here.

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