Well, it's Valentine's Day. And if you don't have dinner reservations or a gift for your other half yet, it's not looking good. So to save you, here are five things you can buy TODAY, and not look like you totally blew it.

Cook for them. This will require some effort on your part, but there's still time to hit the grocery store and throw a nice meal together before the day is over. If you're not super comfortable in the kitchen, try something simple like cacio e pepe, which is literally just pasta, cheese, and pepper.


How about Movie night at home. I LOVE Movie Nights at home! Download some romantic movies and have a marathon. You can go with classics like "Casablanca" or "Roman Holiday", or newer films like "La La Land", "Crazy Rich Asians", "500 Days of Summer", and "The Shape of Water".


Language-learning software. If you know your partner's been wanting to learn another language, get them a subscription to Rosetta Stone. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can sign them up for 3 months, a year, or a whole lifetime.

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A gift card for a sporting event or concert tickets. Ticketmaster sells online gift cards for anywhere from $25 to $500. So THEY can pick out the tickets they want.


5. A subscription to something they love. Like if their dog is their world, get them a BarkBox subscription. Of if they love to read, a Book of the Month club.


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